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Our genetics


Hemp Varieties

In order to assure the very best quality for our products, while maintaining our commitment to the environment, we use two main varieties of hemp. Using these two species, we are able to focus on the plant’s characteristics almost without genetic variation, so as to provide consistency and accuracy in terms of the components of the product.


The first hemp variety is Finola, which is cultivated for the food and oil industry. It is a result of a mechanical blend of two similar early-blooming strains, VIR-313 and VIR-315, that both belong to the species Cannabis Sativa. L.* Finola was originally planted in Finland and spread from there to the international industry. Since then the variety is used all around the world especially for medicinal uses, due to the content of cannabinoids it contains. Finola has a very small amount of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)—less than 0.2%—and contains a higher concentration of CBD, CBDA, CBDV which provide most of the medicinal properties. In addition to the cannabinoids, Finola is a great source for fatty acid and Terpenes which form an important part of the ingredients of our products.

Unlike the hemp’s fiber species which can reach four meters, the height of the Finola plant is around 160 cm which gives an advantage from the aspect of agriculture machinery. Furthermore, it is outstanding for producing seeds, and is one of the fastest Auto-flowering species, meaning that the plant will start to produce flowers as a reaction to the ratio between the light and dark it receives. Finola is divided into male plants and female plants (which provide the seeds), which makes it dioecious.

*Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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Futura 75

Futura 75 hemp variety is one of the most studied species in Europe. It was originally cultivated in France for producing seeds, but was found to be very efficient also in the fiber hemp industry due to its height that can reach up to four meters. The contents of the cannabinoids in Futura 75 range between 2-3% of CBD and around 0.1% of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), making it an excellent variety for producing CBD oil and hemp extracts. Moreover, Futura 75 is a great source for fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6, as well as antioxidants which are used in the food industry.

Futura 75 was found to be very efficient in biomass yield when compared to other species of hemp, especially in the Atlantic climate and in southern Europe. The plant is monoecious, which means the same plant produces the male and the female flowers, making it excellent for the production of biomass and seeds. According to a study * which compared Futura 75 to seven other species of hemp, “Futura . . . produced the highest inflorescences and essential oils yield as well as the highest stem yield at seed maturity”.


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